Lesson Number 1: The Echo Effect

Right now, Emme is taking a nap, and I am writing my first blog post.  Emme is an incredible gift, even if she is exhausting.  She is so busy.  She keeps me busy, and she needs me.  She really needs me.  It’s funny how that changes you.  How that makes you aware of what you do and what you say.  Someday what she has seen me do and heard me say will echo into her reality in what she does and what she says.  It’s an incredible responsibility and one I don’t take lightly.  I’ve realized that while I can normally count on myself to pull me through situations…this whole act of parenting is one in which I am not enough on my own.  I pray a lot…mostly in my heart…that God will help me do and say the things she needs to help shape her into the woman He wants her to be.  I sit and think a lot about the lessons I want to teach her and how important Joel and I will be in teaching her those lessons, but more than anything I want my words about who she is to echo in her ears from infancy to adulthood.  

So each time she lets me hold her, and I do mean lets me….which isn’t very often in my little worm, I speak to her about who she is…mostly it happens right before she sleeps since that really is the only time she will let me hold her while I can sit still and not walk her around pointing things out.  I relish those moments because I can sit still, cuddle and stare into the sweetest baby blues, and speak to her about her life and future.  Sometimes, I tell her about Joel and I and how we got started, which is sweet reliving for me.  Sometimes, I tell her about what we are doing that day.  But mostly, its my time to tell her who she is.  I realize that words are so important in shaping the course of someone’s life and so is time and effort.  But with your words, you can create a future for your kids that is greater than you!  Words matter…don’t believe the old saying that words will never hurt me.  Words can hurt and tear down or they can build an incredible future. 

I don’t know how old your kids are.  Emme is 11 and 1/2 months.  A good friend of mine, Christy Steidel Crummy, always talks about how her mom told her she was a world changer.  That stuck with me because I want Emme to know that, and I want her to hear it from me and pass it on.  So when I rock Emme to sleep (and I know that breaks a whole bunch of mommy rules…but I rock her to sleep for each nap and nighttime sleep) I tell her that she loves God with all her heart and soul.  I tell her that she will live out of her heart and never let fear or emotions stop her from doing what God has called her to.  I tell her that God has an incredible future for her one where things will come easily to her and He will direct her steps.  I tell her that she listens the first time and heeds wise counsel.  I tell her that she loves people more than herself and knows how to give.  I tell her that she is already a success and loved beyond words.  I tell her that she has changed mommy and daddy’s life in incredibly special ways with her smile and laugh and sweetness.  I tell her that she has good friends in her path (and I am so thankful for Zoey Musi, Lilia Dornetto, Reece Leslie, Luke D’Amico, Zarrien Raisley, and many more) and knows how to avoid evil.  I tell her that someday (and I mean a long time from now) God will bring a man just like her daddy into her life and she’ll know he’s the one because God will tell her.  I have so many things to tell her and my time with her is so short.  So I just keep telling her because I know she’ll grow up believing these things about herself, and that’s important.  

I hope that my words echo in her ears far beyond the few short years she will live in my home and they grow in her heart to help form her into the beauty that God has already made her.  



About ajoyborrelli

My daughter, Emme, came into my life in December of 2011. I recently resigned a teaching position to be a stay at home mom and take care of her. This blog chronicles our days, activities, and lessons learned along the way!
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One Response to Lesson Number 1: The Echo Effect

  1. Momster Gram says:

    Gosh Amanda that is wonderful something I never knew when my kids were growing up was to speak the Word of God to them and what they are in Jesus. Good stuff . Emme is so sweet and special to all of us. Gram

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