It’s a Purposeful Life

Well, I was trying to think of what to call this post.  I was thinking Purpose-Driven Life….no been done.  I took a little ghetto turn and thought I would call it with My Mind on My Purpose, and My Purpose on My Mind…sorry I used to love rap music back in the day.  Then I saw a vision….Jimmy Stewart’s face…

and thought ah, yes….It’s a Purposeful Life.  A friend of mine asked for a new blog.  Well, some weeks, I have time to do it, and some weeks I don’t.  I always feel drawn back to it.  I do love it.  Helps me.  And hopefully it helps others, too.

So what’s on my heart???  Obviously, living on purpose. Let me do my best Golden Girls impression….Picture it, Cranberry Twp, 2012.  Anyone hear my Sofia voice?  LOL.

I sit in a restaurant with my husband for dinner.  Alone….no baby…and what am I doing??  Eating my food, texting, checking Facebook.  Sound familiar.  I do it a lot.  My mom would concur.  Although I think I am getting better.  Anyway, back to the restaurant.  You are thinking….what the heck is she doing?  That is what I am thinking now.  What was I doing?  Wasting time and opportunity….not living on purpose.  We do it all the time.  We float through life.  It’s a good life.  Things are fine.  I was doing the same thing about 15 other couples in the restaurant were doing.  I didn’t look out of sorts.  But our culture has fads that steal.  Oh, yes, they have benefits.  I can connect and talk with friends and family, but you lose the opportunity to be part of what’s right in front of you.  One more Sofia allusion, Picture it.  Bock Lane.  November 2012.  I am doing the dishes and texting and watching TV while my daughter plays on the floor alone.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  We all need TV and text and Facebook time to connect, but not at the expense of relationships and valuable opportunity to communicate worth to our kids.  I find myself on that phone sometimes all day.  I love it, and in some ways, its my nemesis.  It’s what makes me think at the end of the day of some wasted opportunities I had.

Hugh Jackman won a Golden Globe the other day.  Two things I love about Hugh Jackman.  Great personality and oh so handsome.  Melissa Leslie, I know you will agree.  LOL.  As I am sure many of you will.  He gave his speech. Thanked people, but he lauded his wife.  Why?  Not for her outer beauty, because honestly there are many more physically beautiful women than she by the world’s standards….but he saw her true beauty.  He sees who she is.  

He thanked her for always telling him that he could do anything.  For convincing him to stick with things even when they were difficult.  I love Hugh Jackman for another reason now.  But it made me think, and I said to Joel, I want you to say that about me.  That I supported you, encouraged you, stood beside you, and that you say that about me not for lip service but because it made a difference in your life.  That requires living on purpose.

It takes purpose to spend time with your kids.  Not just get all your chores done while they play but really devote time to them.  So what have I started doing?  Scheduling my day?  Why? It forces me to live life on purpose.  It forces me to get the major things done.  It puts actual time into my day to just sit down and do NOTHING else but play with my daughter.  It gives me time to get my things done around the house.  It gives me time to text and talk and spend time with friends while providing Emme valuable interaction with other kids and adults.  It makes me turn the TV off and talk to Joel.  It makes me put my phone down and look at him in the eye.  It makes me put my mind into life.  Did you ever think about how often we do things just without thinking?  It is kind of amazing and yet sad.  How I think about a million things while I am reading a book to Emme.  It makes me think of how often I am listening to a friend who needs to talk and yet focusing on something else.  In an age of multi-tasking, and multi-tasking is important.  Yet multi-task so much we don’t live.  We fill ourselves so full of things to do we miss each other.  My goal is to be purposeful in my time with Emme, Joel, my family, and my friends.  To give my attention to the worthy and forget about the minute.  And yes, that takes purpose.  That is why the schedule is great.  Keeps me busy, which I need, and keeps me focused.  It gives me breaks for rest(which is a must!) and chatting, but it teaches me the importance of really focusing on the people in your life.

My pastor, John Nuzzo, spoke this past Wednesday night about excellence.  

It impacted me.  Yet the amount of time he spoke was very short.  He talked about approving what is excellent in your life but not being a perfectionist.  He jokes about those who need to be delivered from that, but honestly, in some ways, we all do…especially me!!  We need to realize that it’s about doing your best in what you do.  So, give your time to those things that are excellent, and when you do them, put your mind into it.  Focus.  Don’t be thinking of the zillion other things to do.  And I know there are a ton.  But embrace the moment.  Choose what is excellent for the day, and believe that no matter what mistakes you made, God loves you, is for you, and is bigger than them.  I do really believe if we focused.  If we gave our all, our whole mind and soul and body to what we were doing without requiring perfection just our best, there would be much less incidence of depression, anxiety, and stress-related illnesses because we could look back on the day satisfied that we approved what was excellent and did our best….knowing God is bigger than any failure or thing we may have missed.

I have been waking up each day and looking in the mirror and saying, “God, you love me today just like I am.  No matter what I fail in, no matter what I don’t get to, no matter what.  And you don’t expect perfection from me.  You just expect purpose and excellence.  For me to do my best.  Thank you.”  I’ve been telling Emme the same thing.  No matter what you do.  Do your best.  Give your all cause at the end of the day, you can rest and know that you gave it all you had.  I tell her Joel and I don’t expect perfection.  We will ALWAYS love her no matter what, but we will help her learn to live on purpose.  Now, that ‘s a purposeful and meaningful life.



About ajoyborrelli

My daughter, Emme, came into my life in December of 2011. I recently resigned a teaching position to be a stay at home mom and take care of her. This blog chronicles our days, activities, and lessons learned along the way!
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2 Responses to It’s a Purposeful Life

  1. marniejil says:

    I’ve been in this same frame of mind lately. For me, it started with our church doing a devotional together on worship. Starting the day with that devotional just helped put everything in perspective for the rest of my day. Giving things, even God, my full attention. Sad, how even in our worship, we can be a million miles away. Good word as always Amanda!!! 🙂 Love you!

  2. ddos vps says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice within this article! It’s the little changes which will make the greatest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!|

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