A Case of the Blahs

Did you ever have a case of the Blahs?  And worse yet….did you ever have a case of the blahs on Monday?  On Monday?  Monday is the Blahest day of the week any way and to have a case of the blahs on a Monday is doubly worse.


LOL!  So I ask myself: “why do I have a case of the blahs?”  Could it be because the weekend was busy?  Yes, most definitely.  Joel and I were both up late on Friday and Saturday night, and the weekend was full of activities.  So, that is definitely part of it.

But I think some times EVERY one, not just SAHMs, get a case of the blahs.  In most cases, I think it’s because of a loss of perspective.  I thought that upon quitting my job I would at some point regret the decision to stay at home and wish I was working again.  That has never been the case.  I have never wished to go back to work because of all of the things I would miss here with Emme.  I was here when she took her first step.  I was here to take her out in the snow for the first time.  I have been here to see all of her firsts, and I wouldn’t trade that for any paycheck I could make.  It’s to valuable.  It’s too costly.

So why a case of the blahs? I was talking to my friend, Lena Dornetto, the other day, and she is taking a small group class on the book Captivating. One of the premises of the book is that every woman wants to be romanced (this one is so true, ladies!) and part of an adventure, where you walk beside a hero and save the day.


Truth is as SAHMs, we are part of an adventure, one where we save the day every day.  But we don’t see it that way, and that’s why we have a case of the blahs.  It’s back to perspective again.  The most important job in history is being a mom.  Why?  Because you shape the lives of the next day generation.  You help make tomorrow all it can become when you take your job as mom seriously.

I know some great women who have persuaded their hearts on this topic.  And my aim is to learn from them.  So I have started asking for help.  (Oh, yet another topic that SAHMs especially need help with….asking for help!)  Do these super moms (in our eyes) need to remind themselves from time to time that their job is important??  Sure.  We all do.  But when you realize that your job makes someone the person they will become in the future.  You have an awesome adventure on your hands.  You are the one who saves the day every day in the eyes of your kids.  You are the heroine every day.


But we lose sight of that every so often and when we do, the blahs set in.

It’s funny what I write about because many of you probably think I have this all together and that I do what I write 100% of the time.  Not true.  It’s a lie.  No one does.  It’s a journey, we will get there if we keep trying even through the blahs.  So what will I do today to make it through my blahs?  Be purposeful.  Decide that even though I am feeling blah that today doesn’t have to be that way.  Remind myself that there is no greater job than the one I am doing, and create an adventure for Emme and I on a blah Monday…whether it be fingerpainting, playing in the park, watching a song DVD, or reading a book.  If I keep the perspective that this is the best and greatest job I can be doing, every day can be an adventure.  And if I rely on God for the grace I need when the blahs set in, no day has to start and end with blah.

So here is my encouragement for SAHMs and SAHDs and anyone if you have a case of the blahs on this Monday.  What you do is more important than you realize.  You are changing and shaping the lives of your children every second you are with them.  Will you be perfect every day?  Absolutely not.  You are human, but you can ask for God’s help and grace to turn those blah days into beautifully, adventurous days.  You can do this, and you can do it with purpose, creativity, and fun if you keep the right perspective.  So here I go….off to try!  Happy Monday!

super mom


About ajoyborrelli

My daughter, Emme, came into my life in December of 2011. I recently resigned a teaching position to be a stay at home mom and take care of her. This blog chronicles our days, activities, and lessons learned along the way!
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2 Responses to A Case of the Blahs

  1. Thanks! I needed this post today!

  2. Love your post. I woke up feeling achey & all blahs on a Thursday morning. You’ve pretty much said it all for in a post! Thanks! Glad to know I’m real – just like everyone else 😉 Hope you feeling better today.. Cheers!

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