Relax & Enjoy

Right now, my daughter is resting soundly from a play date with two of our favorite friends, Lena & Lilia Dornetto.  I wish I could take a picture.  She looks like a Polish orphan.  LOL.  She is blond haired and blue eyed, but her outfit is so mismatching. It’s awful.  But you know what? She’s resting comfortably.  We had so much fun at the park today that I think I ruined her pink Puma pants, which I love, but they are covered in black grease stains from the swing.  I am using Dawn dish soap to try to get the stains out.  Keeping my fingers crossed, but we will see.  But if they are ruined, at least she ruined them having fun.  The picture below shows all her static from riding the slides.  🙂


So my daughter is mismatched, her pink pants are ruined, and the furniture upstairs is covered in thick dust.  And when I say thick, I mean you could write a message to someone in it.  It’s bad, and it needs attention, but I want to cut the grass during her nap and enjoy the sunshine.  So right after this blog post, I am heading outside with monitor in tow.  

It’s funny how God uses things to teach you.  Did you ever read someone’s blogs or a post that is meant to teach something, and you feel overwhelmed or burdened by it?  Like it was just one more thing you were supposed to be doing that you weren’t.  Or were told how to do something that you love to do and it changed it from a love to a chore?  I have. And I am sure some of my blog posts have done that to others.  If that’s you, I am sorry.

Here is what I am starting to learn.  Did you know that the Garden of Eden and the whole world was created for the pleasure of man?  Eden means pleasure.  We were meant to experience pleasure in life not just work.  He meant for us to relish in Him and His creation because it would draw us to His goodness.  Now, I know there was a fall and a curse, but Jesus redeemed us from those things.  He brought grace to free us not to bind us.  Has grace freed you?  If not, please let me encourage you that God wants you free to enjoy your life not just toil and labor. 

Did you ever start doing something for God that you really love, and it became tiresome?  I have done that, too.  He meant for us to enjoy life.  Believe that.  If you don’t, there is a line in Psalms 139 that says if we go to the deepest depths (Hell), that He would be there and He will lead you home….to peace, to restoration.  He is a good God.

He said that He lives inside me…in my heart.  So I am learning to trust my heart which says He is there, and He intended for me to enjoy all that I have.  So are you enjoying what you have?  If not, then there is part of you that is striving, and I am going to say something revolutionary.  Even if its work for God or something you know you are to do, step away and follow your heart for a season of rest and enjoyment, and once again enjoy what you love.  

I talk about purpose a lot, and purpose is so important.  But you can burn out on purpose.  You can live and keep on living, but if you don’t stop to enjoy what you have, you’ll burn out and tire.  God doesn’t want that.  He wants you to know first that He is not using you.  He loves you for you, and He wants you to know that He loves you for you, not for anything you can do for Him.  Because if you got those backwards, you’ll feel used and bound.  And again, His grace came to free the slave.

I truly believe God wrote His laws on all our hearts, that because we were made in His image, we all have God-given instincts in us that are good, even if we haven’t accepted Him yet.  Because He meant for all of us to be His people.  So trust your heart, and let me free you.  God meant for you to relax and enjoy and not just work.  He came to serve first, to set us free.  So breathe.  Do something you enjoy today, and relish in the fact that He wants you to do that, even if you are a SAHM or a SAHD.  Enjoyment is for you, too.  He loves you for you, and He loves you so you can experience Eden through His redemption in this world.  

Now go outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I am going to cut the grass, because I love it.  And I am going to let the dust continue to settle upstairs!  🙂


About ajoyborrelli

My daughter, Emme, came into my life in December of 2011. I recently resigned a teaching position to be a stay at home mom and take care of her. This blog chronicles our days, activities, and lessons learned along the way!
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