Enjoying Holland…Watch Your Own Highlight Reel


Did you ever just wake up kind of ehhh?  Like where did the joy go?  Well, yes, sometimes you have to stir up joy in your life.  Because what you expect out of life and what you get, are not always on par with one another.  I listened to a message last night by Steven Furtick called The Gap, Between our Experience and our Expectation.  While there are points that I am not quite sure about, there was a story he read about enjoying Holland.  The story spoke of a person who was planning a trip to Italy, but instead ended up in Holland.  And the choice is mine. I can either enjoy Holland for its beauty or just instead keep talking about how I was supposed to go to Italy and relive disappointment year after year and day after day.

You know I am human.  Totally not perfect.  Some days I wake up and miss being able to just do whatever I wanted financially.  I miss eating out as much as we used to and being able to buy things at the drop of a hat.  Now I am more calculated and thrifty.  Thrifty is a word that I would use to define myself always…even when I was working, but sometimes, I want to throw off restraint and just buy something expensive.  I don’t normally, but I am sure that occasionally I will. Why? Because I am human.  

But God is challenging me not to focus on tomorrow or yesterday.  He is challenging me to enjoy my Holland.  You know people have different feelings about and uses for Facebook, but I am thankful for Facebook this morning.  Why?  Because last night I got to view my highlight reel.  I got to go back through my posts just this year and see all the great things that have happened.  If you use Facebook for that, I challenge you.  Go back and view your highlight reel there.  You’ve recorded all the good there for others to see and share it with them.  Go back and see just how good your life really is.  If you don’t have Facebook, look through the pics on your phone’s camera or just on your camera.   We have highlight reels thanks to technology.  Then just ponder it.  

Can I buy everything I used to before I quit working?  No, I can’t.  Has God provided some pretty incredible moments since my resignation?  Yes.  Most definitely.  I have new, close, loyal, giving friends.  I have an incredible little girl with the most beautiful face and smile and curls I have ever seen.  I have one hunk of a husband who takes care of us and loves me cooking.  I have parents and family who stand by us and take care of us and support us.  We have been blessed with lots of travel with family and friends  Could I have provided all of those things for myself and done them while still working and not miss all the beauty of thousands little moments with Emme?  Nope.  Not even.  

So why am I busy longing for Italy when I have Holland?  Because my Holland is beautiful.  It’s a great life.  Better than a lot of people wish for in their lives.  If I am too busy longing for Italy, then I am missing out on Holland.  Stay in today.  There is beauty in today and hope and expectation for tomorrow because you can go back and view Holland’s highlight reel.  Give it a shot.  Stir up joy!  Find beauty in today and be thankful for it.  


About ajoyborrelli

My daughter, Emme, came into my life in December of 2011. I recently resigned a teaching position to be a stay at home mom and take care of her. This blog chronicles our days, activities, and lessons learned along the way!
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One Response to Enjoying Holland…Watch Your Own Highlight Reel

  1. It takes some people their whole life to realize this. How awesome that you see this as a young woman. Love you and proud of you!

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