The Voices in Your Head

I was listening to Judah Smith yesterday….I know, I know….I have a slight obsession.  I need to add a little variety, but His messages are so good because they point to Jesus.  The line that really stuck out to me was where he said, “You may say I’m your favorite preacher, but I am not.   You are your favorite preacher.  My 30 minutes can’t undo your 24 hour streaming of preaching to yourself.”  And I thought, he’s right.  I love Judah, but if I don’t change the voices and thoughts in my head to start lining up with what God says about me, it doesn’t matter how much I think Judah’s messages are great, I won’t see change in my life.  (Boy, I think that was one long run on sentence.   Sorry, it’s the teacher in me!)  The same is true with any situation in life.

How many of us moms hear things like the following:  “I’m not good enough.”  “I can’t please everyone.”  “I can’t get everything done in a day.”  “I’m not consistent enough to be a good parent.”  “I am failing my kids.”  “Why can’t I be a good mom like __________.”  Those are the messages you are preaching to yourself daily, and if we don’t start thinking on what He said about us and what is lovely and good and true….we will live far below the life he created us to enjoy.  And this isn’t just for moms.  Everybody does this.

I have thousands of thoughts come into my head a day.  It’s human nature, but I choose the ones I really think on.  And the best part is God will give me grace and wisdom to choose the best ones to listen to and to put in so I live a better more full life and experience His blessings in every area.  Start being the best preacher to yourself, and listening to a nonstop recording of His grace and provision in all areas of your life.

I don’t want to put a burden on you because I know how overwhelming changing your thoughts can be especially if you feel like so many of them are bad.  So start small.  Speak His Words over one area of life and allow that area to be invigorated with His life, and make a list of all the changes big and small when they happen because your experience of Him in this life will provide the belief to take the next step in a different area.  I have a list of God’s provision in my life big and small on my phone, and when I am tempted to be overwhelmed by a situation, I go back and look at that and it reminds me of His faithfulness.  And if He is faithful in one area, He will be faithful to His word in all areas.

Moms, you are more than enough because He lives in you and He is more than enough.  You are love, joy, peace, and patience because those of the fruits of His Spirit that live in you.  His provision is always in front of you because He will meet all your needs according to His riches (Not yours) in Christ.  You have the mind of Christ for wisdom in every situation.  He has not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.  His grace is sufficient for you in every situation.  He loves you and didn’t come to condemn me, but through Him we might be saved.  You have peace because He is the Prince of Peace.  God isn’t mad at you or fault finding because Jesus is your righteousness.  He never leaves you or forsakes you.  You are His child, and His love never fails you.  If He spared not His own Son, will he not also FREELY give us all things?  He has provided all you need for LIFE and godliness.

Before you know it as you see and trust His provision, you’ll be all in and full of peace in so many areas of life.  God is good, and He loves you.  He created you to enjoy your life, not just squeak by or just make it through the day!  Remember, God directs your steps.  Small victories lead to big victories and changes in life.  He is faithful.  And don’t do this life alone, find a good friend to encourage you, and if you need one, I’d be glad to do it.  We ALL need that…especially me!  And sometimes, when you encourage someone even in your need, you encourage yourself!

You can do this life because God’s grace and power alive and at work in you are more than enough.  Find yourself in Him!  When you do, you’ll find that you have the freedom to really be you…even if the real you is really different from the you that you currently know!


About ajoyborrelli

My daughter, Emme, came into my life in December of 2011. I recently resigned a teaching position to be a stay at home mom and take care of her. This blog chronicles our days, activities, and lessons learned along the way!
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