Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy your life….sounds easy right?  But did you ever make it hard?  Did you ever think things through so much it sucked the life right out of it?  I know I have.  I’ve painted pictures and when reality doesn’t line up with my mental picture, I feel defeated and sometimes I just plain old lose my joy.  And then sometimes…sometimes…I suck the life out of it for everyone else, too.  What started out as fun ends up in disaster?

Ever have a story like that?  I think it’s common.  And sometimes, I start doing something I am so pumped about, but then I see someone seemingly doing it better or having more fun, and then I beat myself up about what I perceive as my own failure.  Perception is so key.  I am going to let you in on a little secret.  No one is having more fun than you and enjoying life more than you based on the type of activity they are doing unless you let your mind talk you out of fun in what you are currently doing.

We live in such a sensory world with up to date information.  And there is nothing wrong with it unless you are constantly comparing what you perceive as your failures or even successes up against someone else’s.  If you are in that comparison mode, nothing will ever be good enough.

So what am I saying?  Drop the comparison.  Stop looking at what other people are doing or have and thinking somehow you are second rate.  I am also telling you to drop the picture of your expectation.  I am not telling you to expect to not have fun.  No, expect to have fun and trust God to help you with it.  Just drop the picture of perfection in your head so you can enjoy the here now. And by the way, no one needs this message more than me.  Why?  Because sometimes I see what others are doing or are good at, and I think how much I am failing.

But that is the biggest lie.  God created me to be me with my talents, sense of humor, likes, dislikes, and purpose.  He made me for my kids.  Perfectly.  So if you are feeling like you aren’t enough.  It’s a lie.  Because you were perfectly created by God to fulfill your destiny.  He can even use what you view as your failures for good if you’ll just trust Him with it.

So you are enough.  But along with knowing I am enough to fulfill my purpose in my kids’ lives, I pray that God would send the right people into the lives of my kids to help with areas that I’m not talented in.  It doesn’t mean I don’t try.  It just means my faith isn’t in me because I am human and prone to fail at times.  It means my hope is in the God who made the universe and holds it together.  My mind isn’t great enough to think of it all.  I have to trust since I can’t control or do everything.  Thank God for the Holy Spirit who leads and guides us.

So each day when you hear you aren’t enough, or you aren’t doing enough for your kids.  Call it the lie that it is.  And make your own memories.  It’s Christmas time right now, and honestly, as a kid, I remember watching movies with my mom and dad by tree light.  They are beautiful memories that I hold dear more than the toys or gifts I got for Christmas.  I just want to make those beautiful memories with my kids.  So tonight, it’s dinner and a gingerbread train.  I am going to do my best to quiet the voices and pictures in my head and just enjoy….no matter what that train ends up looking like.

Merry Christmas!!


About ajoyborrelli

My daughter, Emme, came into my life in December of 2011. I recently resigned a teaching position to be a stay at home mom and take care of her. This blog chronicles our days, activities, and lessons learned along the way!
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