It Happened When I Wasn’t Looking…

So, it’s January…you know resolution time.  And as I sit here typing, I am eating tortilla chips with salsa….sound like I am following a resolution to any of you?  Btw….these Late July SubLime Multigrain Tortilla chips are AH-MA-ZING.   So is the salsa.  Together the combo is like a Lay’s Potato Chip…You can’t eat just one.  And before you know it, you’re blogging and snacking and thinking man, I gotta have another and then the chips and salsa are gone.  How did it happen?  It happened when I wasn’t looking…I mean I was.  I intended to eat some, but then I got to typing and words, and just like that, they’re gone.

Something like that ever happen to you? You intended to start something and then before you knew it when you weren’t really paying attention….it became a part of you?  This has happened to me a lot…with God.  I start out and intend to do something…and sometimes, my direction is a little different than His, but at the end or right in the middle, I’ve found that what I started out doing, He has finished….better than I thought.

God has a funny way of doing that and being better than we ask or think.  I have more than one example, but I am just gonna use one.  I remember as a kid in church hearing about reading your Bible….how you should do it.  And as a teen, I heard it even more.  And honestly, as long as I can remember, I’ve loved God.  I’ve just always wanted to be close to Him and please Him.  Little did I know that both those things are guarantees at salvation…closeness with Him and being pleasing to Him because it’s about who we’ve become in Christ not action based….still letting that truth come alive.

Anyway, reading the Bible. Back to it.  But though I heard that truth, my direction was off.  You see I thought I had to read my Bible to be pleasing to Him.  Not so.  I am pleasing to Him at all times in Christ.  See I missed the point.  The action of reading wasn’t wrong, but my direction was off.  I thought it was an item to check off my list, but I missed the life it brought.  Then as I got older and some rough patches hit, I started to read it again.  Pretty much for the same reason…to get back on track.

Because you see, I thought I was where I was because God was punishing me for getting off course.  But that’s not how He works.  His judgment and punishment were satisfied in the body of His Son that hung on a cross for our sin and shame and guilt and pain and health and wholeness.  He’s not mad at me anymore.  When Jesus came to earth, He proclaimed His peace toward me. But I didn’t know that….didn’t see it because human love is conditional, but God’s love is not.  Thank God He’s revealing these things to me as I read and listened to sermons and read books about Him even for the wrong reasons at first.

Because you see though I had intended to earn my right standing with Him, it was along the way….when I wasn’t looking…that He revealed Himself to me.  And now I can’t do with Him.  I can’t do without His Word.  I can’t do without my devotions or my sermons or my books because I am no longer me….the real me….the best me….the most eternally loved and supported and held in His hand me without those things.  You see instead of a check off…..His Word has become life.  It’s my mirror.  It’s where I see myself.  It’s where I find out that through Him I am an awesome friend, mom, wife, encourager, teacher, blogger, whatever hat I am currently wearing.  Because it is in the mirror of His Word that He tells me that love, joy, peace, patience, endurance, self-discipline are all in me because He is.  And when you believe that, life is different.  I’ve tried to make myself all these things, and I fail.  But when I trust Him, I can trust HIm even in my failure.  Because even there He said His love covers a multitude of sin that He is no longer holding against me.  So I can run back into those beautiful arms and see the real me, over and over.

It happened when I wasn’t looking even with my direction off just a bit.  He became my Source and my Light and my Hope and my Determination and my Everything….day by day.  One step at a time.  And now that drudgery has become life. And if you know my story or read my blog, all of life was drudgery and hard a while back.  But little by little, He has been faithful to change all of that!  He will do the same for you!


About ajoyborrelli

My daughter, Emme, came into my life in December of 2011. I recently resigned a teaching position to be a stay at home mom and take care of her. This blog chronicles our days, activities, and lessons learned along the way!
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