Everything You’ve Wanted….On a Silver Platter


So I went searching for an image of this verse that really did it justice.  Couldn’t find one, so I naturally picked the tropical picture.  It’s me.  LOL!  But this verse is one God has been using to teach me lately.  I never thought of this before.  I always kind of wondered why would he prepare a full table in front of my enemies, and I kind of always pictured it as a way to show off.  I think that is a valid point, but I think more honestly it’s because that is the only way you are going to possess the fullness of what God has for you!  It’s always in the presence of your enemies since we live in a world that has been changed by sin, and I think God has always wanted us to have a free will….to be able to choose….His way or our way.  Our way often seeks the path of littlest resistance, and I get it.  I am a save my own skin kind of person, but I honestly, think He has always wanted to find a way to quiet us.  How?  By showing us that no matter what it looks like all around us, He still has it all figured out and worked out for our BEST….if we will just listen.

I have this amazing friend.  Her name is Goldie.  She has been teaching me so much about hope and the love of God and encouraging.  You see faith starts with hope.  There has to be hope first, and it all comes from God…even the hope….the one Word you need to believe that He works all things together for your good.  And that hope that somehow God will just speak to you the hope that little by little through relationship not knowledge will become faith that receives the promise.  Anyway, Goldie–my Goldie, she loves this verse in Proverbs, and I never got it either.  Proverbs 4:18 says, ” But the path of the just, as a shining light, goes forward and increases even to perfect day.”  What does that mean?  It means that when we walk in His way, not trusting anything in ourselves except for the heart and Spirit He placed within us, He gives us our world on a silver platter.  No, I am serious.  He created your heart.  Your real heart, and everything that is in there in accordance with His Word and His way, He delights in giving to us.  And if we will but just follow His better way instead of ours based on limited knowledge, He will lead us to all that fulfills us and the ability to really be ourselves in it.

I believe God’s greatest desire is for each of us to really be ourselves….but I bet most of us have no idea who that really is.  Sometimes I don’t because I have compared and compared and told myself I am not enough that being the real me is so scary because it doesn’t always match what everyone else views as wise.  But I like projects and I LOVE creating things….in the kitchen, in the garage, with tools, with spatulas, with tennis shoes, with barefeet.  Creating makes me feel alive, and I think He put that in each of us because He is the Master Creator….and He doesn’t make mistakes, even though I do.  I love creating things with my kids and others and on my own.  I love talking and shopping and learning about Jesus.  I like the grocery store, the mall, and the bargain shops.  I like to get dressed up and be fancy, but I love me some yoga pants with an old t shirt too.  I’m a little bit of everything all rolled into one.  And He loves all my sides….and He loves yours, too.

a little bit of everything

I’ve been praying about some things and struggling to piece some things together in my life.  And oh, how I want to go my own way.  The Bible was not kidding when it said we were like sheep, but the truth is every thing we face in life comes down to the same thing Adam and Eve struggled with….Is God holding out on me?  Is He really giving me the best?  And the truth is He is….always.  And you know what He spoke to my heart yesterday?  He told me that on the other side of my decision to believe Him and go His way or believe the lie and go my own way is my own Garden of Eden if I walk the path He sets before me.  I don’t want my way that badly.  I have been His way and it’s good.  It doesn’t often follow the path that I assume it will, but it ends up better than I could have imagined….without strife and worry but all I love and desire in the most perfect way I never imagined!

The only way to truly have what He made for me is in the presence of my enemies.  Because my enemy will try to talk me out of God’s way or even just good things all the time.  The struggle to truly possess your own mind is not for Christians alone.  It comes to everyone since we are all born sinful.  Every successful person has encountered the thoughts that say you can’t do it.  It won’t happen.  This won’t turn out like you think.  And the truth is with God it probably won’t turn out exactly the way you think…..It always ends up better.  Go His way!  Not your own…you’ll find fulfillment, purpose, joy, peace, hope…..you’ll have it all in the presence of any enemy and circumstance and you’ll win in this life!

no eye


About ajoyborrelli

My daughter, Emme, came into my life in December of 2011. I recently resigned a teaching position to be a stay at home mom and take care of her. This blog chronicles our days, activities, and lessons learned along the way!
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