He’s Taken With You…So Be You

I’ve been blogging, and I have gotten tips on how to blog, and I am supposed to stay with a similar setup for all my posts, but I can’t!  I am a little bit of a free spirit, and when my heart calls for something, I have a tendency to listen!  Haha! So I am a fitness coach and my goal is to inspire people to be healthy, so I have been blogging about my journey to encourage others that all things are possible!  But my heart screams, there’s more to life than just fitness.  If you want to be truly healthy, you have to start with your heart, the real you!  It has to be fed and nourished, and then combining spiritual and physical fitness, you can take life to a whole new level.

So the first thing you have to know is that God is taken with you!  He lSolomon 4 7ooks at you like I look at my kids sometimes, and He is taken with the wonder that is you!  I love this verse in Song of Solomon 4:7.  He says, “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”  And He means that now.  Not when you get it together.  He is taken with the real you.  He formed you in your momma and He knew all the mistakes you’d make and failures, you’d face, and He loved you just the same.  So much He sent His Son to die for you, so that after you lost your own way, He could buy you back!  I think that is so amazing.  Do you know that the God of the universe is madly in love with you, and all He wants is you!  Just simply for you to know that He sees you with eyes of love and desires you!  That will change your life if you will let it.  Let the beauty of these next two reminders really sink in today!

You are a miracle, planned ahead of time by God.  Even if your past labels you as rejected or unwanted or misunderstood or even worthless, you aren’t worthless to the one who knew you before you were born.  We all have opportunities in life to believe the labels our past, present, and future offer us, or we can believe the truth that supersedes them.  We can believe we were created uniquely, by a God who loves us and who offers us so much more than this world can.  The only question is will we believe the truth or our present reality!

Be You

I love this reminder.  It is loud and funky and colorful.  And what I think is that most of us have all those sides to us, but life and friends and circumstances cause some of those colors and quirkiness to dissipate because what will people think.  Don’t live like that.  You were created so specially.  Live your life.  Be the You that you know you really are, and you will attract the people you need in life rather than the people who will box you in and only love you for your behavior or performance.  God has been teaching me that it is okay to be me over the past few years.  But I know it is a scary journey, when you step out of the box you have put yourself in and you be you and some people don’t seem to understand.  Let me remind you, they aren’t worth sabotaging your heart for.  To me it is no longer worth it to live someone else’s life. I have kids now.  I want them to be all they were created to be.  And they won’t be if momma isn’t.  But I’ll be honest, as much as I want it for them, I want it for me!  I want a wide open life that’s mine, not someone else’s definition of happiness or success!


I love this quote.  I know it is scary, but I would rather live scared daily as me than die a copy of someone else, wishing at the end of my life that I hadn’t.  The time for change is now.  But change starts in your heart, where God is.  It starts with the belief that you are loved, you matter, and you are worth dying for.  You can’t truly live without being the real you!  Start stepping.  I promise it gets easier, and it is so worth it!

And if you can live out of your heart in life, you can do it in fitness too!  Well it is the end of week 1 of Hammer and Chisel for me!  Drum roll please!  I have abs, and I only did one 10 min ab workout this week!  Woohoo!


I am so stoked about these results, but I did not make it through this week without direct hits.  Haha.  I lost workout time on Monday and Wednesday last week, and I didn’t do too stellar in the food department yesterday, but that being said, I still got results.  And it’s because it isn’t about perfection.  It’s about consistency.  You need time to relax and enjoy life a bit.  Yesterday was my Cuz’s birthday party, so I had some cake and pasta and a few other treats.  But it’s back on the wagon today!  I also survived a day of having to watch the warning message twice because I had the wrong video in!  And if you have ever watched that, you know all you wish you could do was fast forward through it!  Alas, it is not to be!  And I worked on form.  Form is key so watch your posture! And I love this quote.  I didn’t make it up, but I love using it!  Sweat is magic, bathe yourself in it daily!  It is so true.  It helps my focus, my attitude, my anxiety levels, and even my joy!  Couple Jesus with sweat and good food, and your whole life will change.


Do you need a coach?  Someone who can help you reach your goals spiritually and physically?  If so, let me help you!  Feel free to email me at Amanda’s Email or check out My BeachBody Coaching Site if there are certain programs you want to check out!

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It’s All About the Food Baby

Good morning y’all, today is Day 5 with Sagi, the Beast!  I know you are thinking….wait, what happened to Day 4?  Well, Day 4 was a rest day, so I rested from workout and stretched instead which is a super good idea daily.  If you are needing a few quick stretches that will help you you can check out my video! Stretch Video .  So since Day 4 was rest, I took a rest from blogging too.

Anyway…Day 5….my computer DVD issue continues.  once a beginnerI have no idea what is up with my computer, but I decided it was time to clean the computer and get things right in the world again.  So with kids awake, I moved over to the basement T.V.  This video was short and sweet.  23 minutes….thank you Sagi.  I definitely had to make some modifications though.  I still modified chin ups and delt flys.  I can’t use the band. It makes me strain too much, so I switched over to my weights.  I can feel when I am straining and putting a lot of the effort into my neck and shoulders instead of the muscle, so I know it is time to modify or lessen the weight somewhat.  My favorite reminders are that everyone was once a beginner, so modifying isn’t cheating.  It is helping you reach your goals! And this quote is a great reminder too!  Comparison will steal from you every day if you let it.  Live big!  Don’t compare!


My biggest victory of today was food.  And I just want to tell you that all things are possible.  I know you may be tired hearing that, but it is true.  Small prep ahead steps will really help you reach your goals.  There are a few things I do each week to help me stay on track especially when I have to grab food fast.  20160115_113922_resized

  1. Hard boil a 1/2 dozen eggs.
  2. Make ahead steel cut oats.
  3. Prepare ahead quinoa.

Because those are go to’s in my meals and snacks, it is super helpful! So even though I was rushing out the door, I could still eat a great meal without taking the time to cook the oats!  And yes, I eat while I drive….don’t judge me!  Haha!

My meals were so pretty, but they were down right delicious and kept me on track every step of the way!  I will show you my lunch and dinner, and then I will share with you my recipe for the best sweet potatoes this side of the Mason Dixon Line….and by this side, I mean NORTH of it!  Ha Ha!

Now, I got a little hasty and HUNGRY, so I had eaten some of my potatoes and veggies before I took this pic!  But trust me the meal plan for Hammer and Chisel or 21 Day Fix, since this fits both, won’t deprive you!

Smoky, Sweet Sweet Potatoes                                                                                                  Ingredients

  • 4 Sweet potatoes peeled and diced
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tsps of cumin
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 tsps of chili powder
  • drizzle of honey


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Peel and dice potatoes.  Place on a cookie sheet.
  2. Drizzle with coconut oil, honey, and sprinkle with remaining seasonings.
  3. Roast in oven for 20-25 minutes.  Turn potatoes halfway through cook time.

IMG-20160115-WA0000In other news, I became an aunt again today!  I have a new niece her name is Aubrey!  She is beautifully perfect and staying calm for her momma!  I just became an aunt for the 4th time on December 5 when my other sister in law had a little boy named Luca!  We are in love as our extended family continues to grow.  My hubby and I have been considering adoption to grow our own family, and we have been feeling called to look into adopting a child possibly from Syria.  I know that is controversial, but many little ones have lost moms and dads in the conflicts occurring over there.  And we would love to show love to one of those babies and give our kiddos another sibling to show love to!  So if you think of it, please do keep us in your prayers for wisdom and direction in that area!

focus forward

Well, I am learning that yesterday is yesterday!  Keep learning from what happened, but don’t let yesterday define you….physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!  I can’t rely on yesterday’s failures or successes!  And I have to make that choice daily in my workouts, parenting, eating, relationships, work experience, and many others.  I pray you have those blinders on to focus your eyes on the future.  Trust Jesus.  He will help you!





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Back Again?

So it’s Hammer and Chisel Day 3.  Yes, I got up before the kids.  Made my way downstairs.  Forgot to check out which workout I was supposed to do!  That’s it….I will not forget any more….and this is how!  I’m hanging that calendar up right where I workout!


Man, that looks so small, but it’s my 60 day calendar in my workout space….no more time lost!


But while I was upstairs, I decided to put the milk on the stove to start warming for when the kids wake up!  So I am ahead of the game.  Trot downstairs, pop the DVD in my computer, and that stupid DVD won’t work again….no problem, my kids are not in the next room watching TV, so I can use that DVD player….SCORE!  Head over, pop the DVD in….wait through the long warning….I so wish I could fast forward through it….but alas, it’s not to be!  Made it through the warning, kids still asleep, press play….no sound.  Oh no, DOH!  Cue Homer Simpson.  I used the DVD cord for an old VCR upstairs so the kids could watch Pinocchio.  I seriously am not making this up!  Here is the mud again!

So I go upstairs figure out how to hook everything back up right downstairs, get throughsplit-squat-iso-strength-chisel the first move and I hear the thump, thump, thump of the first kiddo up!  No big deal she will come downstairs….wrong.  She can’t find me so she runs through the house screaming and wakes up kiddo #2.  So, I know we are heading to the gym for PiYo shortly, I decide to get them both dressed, brush their teeth, give them their milk, and turn on Mickey, so I can finish as much as possible before we have to leave in 20 minutes….ugh!  Back down, start working out again, and then Autumn makes me do the dreaded Bulgarian Split Squat.  I am still a little awkward with this exercise, and I don’t want to do it….but the voice comes back!  Don’t give up!

So I made it through with my legs shaking and triceps still not recovering and in major ouchy mode all the way down to about 10 minutes left.  20160113_075442_resizedThen I have to get the kids in the car ASAP, grab a snack, a sippy of water, and hit the road.  Any mommas feel like this?  I know life can be crazy and it can be insane, but don’t give up!  You may feel like you have miles to go, and it may not turn out perfectly, but keep on keeping on.  God will bless your steps and help you reach your goals.  It doesn’t have to look just right or be perfect to be a success.  Just don’t give up!

There are many people with tremendous odds stacked against them, and we all could give up, but we will never know our greatest successes and passions if we stop before we really get started.  God promised He would never leave us or forsake us.  I am thankful for that.  He keeps on reminding me that no matter what I see or what happens, I am a success because He is with me.  And sometimes, we have to face fears and obstacles to know that the power He put inside us is capable of overcoming anything we face.  So don’t give up!


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Keep on, Keeping on….Day 2

Ssagio it’s Hammer and Chisel Day 2, which means Sagi is up!  Check him out.  Yes, he is a beast.  He is such a heavy lifter….that isn’t my thing, but He is actually kind of funny!  The way he motivates make me laugh, but the thing that truly makes him endearing to me is that he ends the video with saying that all things are possible….and I love that!  Then he says, Amen.  And I say, so be it.  Sagi, we are united.  Because I believe all things are possible, if you believe.  I must admit I am not obsessed with Hammer Plyometrics, though.  Haha!  It was a good workout, and my first chance at modifying chin ups….some day, I will do a chin up!  Some day!  So Sagi, the beast, and I are thick as thieves today.  Oh and you remember, how  I was so pumped about my tricep pullovers yesterday?  Well, let’s just say they’re gonna be screaming tomorrow.  What do you think?  Sagi’s got nothing on me, right?

Lots of modifications today to keep my posture and make sure I was hitting the right muscle, but today, I finished my workout….Success!  But I had 2 other great successes today….breakfast and dinner and snow time with my kiddos.  Pumpkin oatmeal with a little maple syrup and a few cut up dates with pumpkin pie spice and spicy orange chicken with broccoli and brown rice.  I must admit that I added Edamame to my dinner, and it was a flop….had to squeeze out those bean pods…but I learned….next time I will use sugar snap peas instead.  But my meals were on point!

Finally, my favorite success was fun in the snow with the three (only 2 of which are mine) most beautiful kids ever.  Snow angels, snowman building, sliding down sliding boards covered in snow…that’s success.  It was tough getting all 4 of us ready.  I was sweating plus I wanted to quick shovel the driveway for my hubby, but it was all worth it.  Life is about goals for sure, but they are ONE of my BIGGEST goals along with Jesus and my husband.  I won’t ever give that up!  They are worth every effort, every teachable moment, every interruption of my day, every healthy meal cooked, every Bible verse shared, every snuggle given!  I am not sure we stop in this house from the time we get up until the time we go to bed, and I hate to cancel plans, but tonight, when I canceled PiYo due to snow and cold temps and got to stay with my family, I must admit it was beautiful!

So I am just going to keep on, keeping on!  Lots to do!  Lots of goals!  Lots of love to give away!  Lots of the beauty of Jesus to appreciate!  What an extraordinary life He has given us.  I am thankful!

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A New Beginning…

So it’s a new year, and I felt like it was time for a new beginning.  So I decided to change my workout program.  You know I teach PiYo….maybe you know that….but I decided I wanted to take my tone and bump up my muscle a little.  So Hammer and Chisel was my choice because I love lifting weights, and honestly, I love Autumn. Hammer and CHisel

I think the 21 Day Fix eating plan by far is the best since it focuses on whole foods and getting your calories and nutrients from a variety of food groups to meet all the nutritional needs your body has.  So that being said, who wants to take a journey alone?  I don’t.  New things are scary.  Really scary.  And I am social and I need people….anyone else like me?

So I started a group.Motivation Monday  Some people are using the same program I am and others are not, but the community, the fellowship, the support….it all helps.  It keeps me going.  It reminds me that most of the time my mind is lying to me.
All the limits, all the shouts of failure, all the I’m not good enoughs are revealed as the lies they are because people remind me that limits only exist in my mind.  That all things are possible if I will believe and trust the process.  Because as I see crazy amazing people overcoming obstacles that are in front of them, it reminds me I can do it too.  I just have to believe.  So community, no matter what obstacle or new adventure you are taking on makes a big difference.

So I walk downstairs day 1 and I hear that voice….my workout space isn’t perfectly set up.  I can’t do this.  Excuse number 1.  It doesn’t matter what my workout space looks like.  I can get it done.

Then my computer won’t work…no joke.  Can’t get the DVD to play and my kids are in the other room using the DVD player.  So I run upstairs and finally get it to work, and I realize I have to leave my house in exactly 10 minutes to get to dance class.  But I felt this voice inside me say just do it.  So I did.  I got exactly 10 minutes of Day 1 done, but you know what I didn’t give up.

I felt liIsaiah 30ke I was running through mud, but sometimes, you have to face those excuses and cop outs and push through the hard stuff to achieve your goals.  So I did.  And I called Day 1 a success even though I didn’t finish the whole workout because I didn’t give up though I had a thousand reasons to!  And I even did a crazy tricep pullover exercise with two 15 lb dumbbells….I am a beast!  Haha!  I am glad I listened to that voice.  The one that reminded me I should fight for things I know I am called to and the things I love.  That doesn’t just apply to your health and fitness goals.  It applies to every area of your life.  Trust the voice that isn’t fear!  That tells you to stick with the new journey you know you should be walking.

So don’t give up!  Learn to love wading through the mud on the way to what’s important to you!  And remember, there are always a million excuses for everyone….my kids, their schedules, I’m tired, I want to relax….What will you do with your excuses?  Will you let them dictate the course of your life, or will you go after the dreams, goals, and passions in your heart.  If you need support or encouragement, let me walk this journey with you!  I will pray with you, support you, encourage you, and do as much as possible to help you succeed in the journey Jesus has called you to!

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I Just Need a Day…

Did you ever just need a day?  A day to slow down?  A day to let it all go?  A day to allow things to take care of themselves?  Boy, did I need one today.  I have been burning the candle at both ends, trying to make the holidays amazing and trying to get all my stuff done too.  So I have been up late and just not really catching up on rest.

So what was today like?  INCREDIBLE!  In my jammies all day, so were the kids.  We ate an unrushed breakfast and lunch and the my little ponies got to join us.  I got to watch a few movies and snuggle my babies.  I got to do some long overdue stickers and beados with my daughter and even put together a puzzle with her.  I got to see her amazing, incredible, awesome self.  I got to be in awe of her growth and maturity and joy and zeal for life.  I got to snuggle with my man, Judah.  I got to take him in and not rush through snuggles or rocking or singing.  Today, I got to breathe in this day.

It was amazingly full of nothing extraordinary and everything extraordinary at the same time.  Did you ever just need a day?  I did.  And I am so glad I took it.  I was praying today, and God reminded me that sometimes prayer and Bible reading isn’t for any other purpose other than just to allow Him to be present and tell me it’s okay to rest and just enjoy.  To allow Him to open my eyes throughout the day to see what I have been missing in the midst of my busyness.  Thankful that the day started with Him and then right smack dab in the middle, He reminded me again!

Life is good. Have you taken time to just breathe it all in?


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Give Yourself Away

I don’t have but a few minutes here on this New Year’s Day.  It’s already beginning.  I am starting off 2016 in what seems like a full stride….other than the fact I forgot to be at the drop point to pick up our milk for the next few weeks this afternoon.  We had an insanely good time last night.  We hung out with 3 great families and rang in the New Year in peacefully fun times with 10 kids running around and 8 adults enjoying each other’s company.  We played Pie Face with the kids…well I did.  All the other adults were too sissy to play, but I am much too kind to mention names of those adults.  Anyway, it was just amazing how well the kids played without fighting or melting down, and we got to spend an evening with people we love.

In this year which will be full or busyness and purpose and good times and bad times, don’t forget to really give yourself away.  Don’t hedge your bets and play it safe.  I don’t mean don’t have boundaries that protect yourself.  I mean go all in, in as many areas of your life as possible….but do it step by step.  Give yourself away….first and foremost to the one who gave Himself away for you!  If you know Jesus and His love for you, you’ll give it away out of a belief in your heart and not out of duty. Get acquainted with the love and goodness of God, and my favorite person who talks about this is Judah Smith.  Just listen.  Get immersed in His scandalous love and grace and allow Him to convince you that more is possible.

Then, go all in in the areas of life that matter most to you.  Your husband, your kids, your family, your friends.  Find one person that God’s called you to walk beside and lift.  Invest.  Give yourself away!  Because in really giving yourself away, you find yourself, fulfillment, purpose, passion, adventure, hope, faith, love. I am going to add a caveat….be wise, but don’t hold back.  Go after life with full force.

I was listening to Tim McGraw yesterday…2 songs got me.  Live Like You Were Dying and My Little Girl.  We try to plan so much for the future that we don’t live in the present.  Be present.  Enjoy the now.  Play with your kids now.  Get messy with them now.  Some day they will grow up and though there will be different opportunities for connection, don’t regret that you didn’t give your all right NOW.  Bible says don’t worry about tomorrow, and the time of salvation is NOW.  Be here.  Soak it all in.  You’ll never regret it.

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It’s Been A Journey

Did you ever just want to get to your destination now?  I mean when we were getting ready for the cruise, I just wanted to get there.  But there was preparation to be made.  I had to pack my kids, so they had everything they needed and were comfortable and provided for while we were away.  They’re a big part of my heart.  I had to pack myself.  I needed clothes and other necessities to fully enjoy everything we wanted to do on our AMAZING vacation.  (Btw, if you have never done a cruise before, you should try one.  And contact our travel agent….she was awesome.  Jennifer Novotny, Upon a Star Travel & Concierge…you can find her on facebook!)  Anyway, I digressed.  But if I wouldn’t have packed, my vacation wouldn’t have been as successful.  I would have been lacking some necessities or spending a lot of extra money unnecessarily.  But my heart wanted to just get there NOW especially as it got closer.

I feel that way in life sometimes.  Like I just want to be there, but I know there are experiences I need in my journey that will make my next there all the better.  You can’t skip the work, but you can enjoy the journey.  So many destinations I was reaching for in life have proved to be less than what my heart really wants.  What do I want more than anything?  I want a full life…full of purpose, full of joy, full or people, full of God, full of of my family…..abundant.  My journey in my 20’s thought money and position and a certain house and style of clothes would produce that, but I have learned that those didn’t really produce peace, joy, and satisfaction.  I didn’t really give myself to what mattered.  And I will be honest, when I had Emme, learning to live unselfishly was tough.  It was hard, but it was so worth it.

I feel like my journey keeps repeating itself, like I keep getting back to the same point and it’s how I know I am on the right track.  It keeps proving to be worth it to fight for my heart.  To choose to follow the voice of my Father (that while I may not know all the steps or understand all His ways because they are higher than mine) is always better than following the voice of fear and limitation.  But it’s not always easy.

I was listening to Christine Caine yesterday a message about having the courage to let go of your past.  We all have a past.  Yours might be more painful than mine seems, but they both led to death.  I was caught in selfishness and greed and comparison which still led to a small boxed in life.  Yours might be cluttered with abuse, rejection, hate, or trauma.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Jesus overcame and faced death so we could have the full abundant life I was talking about.  If it’s possible for Christine Caine, it’s possible for you.  You will have to face the pain of your past.  You will have to expose it.  But you can learn to call it the lie that it is.  It doesn’t define you.  And it can only hold you back, if you believe it has the power.  Facing the pain of recovery will far outweigh living in the pain of the injury for the rest of your life.

God calls us to a wide-open, spacious life in 2 Corinthians 6:11-13.  The only thing that holds us back is our ability to believe it or to hold on to the past over the promise of the hope of His future.  But this is His promise in Ephesians 3:20:  God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.  Now that is good news.

Please listen to Christine’s message.  It is life changing.  There are only one set of words on paper that should define you, and that is the words included in the Bible because they tell you WHOSE you are and WHO you are….and that begins with infinitely loved.

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Don’t Die a Copy

There are a few phrases that have had a major impact on my life in 2015.  I heard them from my pastor, but I know the inspiration behind them came from Dr. Henry Cloud.  These are those phrases:

  1. If you don’t have boundaries in your life, you are living someone else’s life.  Boundaries protect your values, thoughts, and passions.
  2. You were made to be an original, so don’t die a copy.
  3. You can’t and shouldn’t try to remove consequences from life.  You learn valuable lessons from failures.

This year has been one about balance for me.  But the elusive question is how do you achieve that.  And the answer is balance isn’t always achieved in a day.  It’s achieved over the course of a life time through seasons and the changing of them.  There will be times when you have to focus specifically on certain areas, and then move on to others.  You will have priorities, but there were will be times when what seems to be highest on your priority list will take a back seat to something that pops up on the immediate radar.  But I’ve learned, and NO, it was NOT easy, to ask myself in a lot of areas of life….am I doing this because it reflects my heart, my passions, my interests, my responsibilities, my desires, or is it simply because of what I see people doing on Facebook, is it a whim, is it because I am following the crowd, or is it the voice of my flesh?  And a lot of times, I have to ask myself whether this is what I really want or just something that sounds good right now?

You see the truth is I want to be me.  I want to be who I really am in my heart, but life often gets busy and one can lose sight of that in busyness, cultural values, comparison, logical reasoning, and many other things.  But the truth is if you haven’t heard the voice of your heart in a long time, how do you get back to hearing it?   The truth?  You have to spend some quiet time with Jesus?  He is the answer to every question or problem or complex situation you have.  Coming to know Him and how much He loves you will enable you to have the confidence to really be you, to take your life back.  He made you the original, so be you.  1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love, and perfect loves drives out fears.”  I think it is fair to say that most of us aren’t really the truest versions of our self because we fear we won’t be accepted.  But God loves you just as you are, even if you feel unloveable.

Look at what He did for Peter.  Luke 22:31-32 says: “Simon, stay on your toes. Satan has tried his best to separate all of you from me, like chaff from wheat. Simon, I’ve prayed for you in particular that you not give in or give out. When you have come through the time of testing, turn to your companions and give them a fresh start.”  Jesus knew Peter was going to deny Him.  He knew it, but despite knowing his failings, He prayed for Peter and loved him through it all.  Jesus knows we have a flesh, and our flesh can be weak and easily swayed.  But just like for Peter, Jesus has prayed for you (John 17:20-26).  He knew you.  He created you.  He made you specially from birth.  He has plans for you.  He has placed desires in you, and His plan was to fulfill those desires in your heart.  He doesn’t care what condition you are in when you come.  Just come to him, even if you have chosen to run from Him before.  He loves you.  He is waiting and watching for your return.  And in the safety of His love, you can be the real you and find life to the fullest.  (John 10:10)

And as you start to know His love you and who you are really, your boundaries that protect your passions, values, and thoughts will start to emerge and though there will be times your flesh will be weak and you might fail or be tempted to fail, you will begin to truly live out your uniqueness and learn from not just the consequences of life, but rather to be led by the voice of your Father who will help you avoid some of those consequences because you have come to know HIs voice and trust His lead.

He loves you.  Just as you are.  No judgments.  No requirements.  Just come and get to know His scandalous love for you!  You’ll have the fullest life you could have ever dreamed of.

Not an accident

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A New Normal

Did you ever have a thought that just spiraled out of control?  You see one thing, which produces a response in your brain.  Then that one thought leads to another thought and before you know it your possible problem has become huge and you are overwhelmed?  I have been there.  More times than I can tell you.   But there is a problem with that kind of lifestyle.  First of all, most of the thoughts you have never happen, so it’s false.  Second of all, you will get pushed and pummeled through life instead of actually living. But this is how most of us live….in a reactive state rather than a proactive state.  We don’t control our brains.  They often control us.  And it is hard to live the reverse, because we have not been taught to control our brains.  It feels really hard on our flesh.  But it is the best kind of life we can live.  The question is how do you get there?

The answer is you come to know Jesus.  You spend time finding out who He is.  And one of His favorite roles to play is Rescuer, Savior.  He is pretty amazing at playing that role.  And honestly, He longs for you to allow Him to rescue you.  Most of the reason we don’t experience Jesus as Rescuer is because we don’t allow Him to be it in our lives.  We think we can figure it our better than He can.  It is our form of control.  But check out what Isaiah 43:1-3 says: “Israel, the Lord who created you says, ‘Do not be afraid—I will save you.  I have called you by name—you are mine. When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you; your troubles will not overwhelm you. When you pass through fire, you will not be burned; the hard trials that come will not hurt you. For I am the Lord your God, the holy God of Israel, who saves you.”

He longs to rescue you!  And the only way to experience His rescuing is by creating a relationship with Him.  Reading a few verses in the Bible, a great devotional, and talking to Him.  Feels weird, right?  How do you talk to Him?  Easy.  Be honest.  Tell Him this feels weird.  Tell Him you don’t know what to say or how to begin.  Tell Him you need Him to rescue you in a specific area, that you can’t figure out.  And ask Him to lead you.  John 10:3-5 tells you that you as a friend of Jesus know His voice and won’t listen to the voice that isn’t His.  Trust Him.  He will guide you in your heart in the perfect way, so you begin to know and trust His voice.  He longs to rescue you.  Will you let Him?


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